Connecting people with what they need

Meet the Team

Founded in 2022 by a small group who are passionate about wanting to help the people of Wincanton to live their lives as fully as possible. The focus of our work is support for Adults.

Annette Caller

Project Officer


My professional background started in Hairdressing.  I moved into Youth work followed by becoming a Community Addiction Therapist.

During this time, I became a carer for both my parents. This gave me the level of experience and understanding of the care system, along with the challenges and joy this can bring to gain this position with Wincanton Cares.

Nigel Engert

Chair of the Patient Participation Group

Nigel Engert - Wincanton Cares

I trained as a social worker and then worked for Somerset Social Services Department from 1979 until 2004 as a Voluntary Services Officer, recruiting volunteers to work directly with our staff as well as liaising with a wide range of voluntary organisations providing health and social care services in South East Somerset.

I’ve also volunteered myself with Methodist Homes Association Communities South Somerset and am currently Chair of Wincanton Patient Participation Group.

Gwen Venters

Leads the Carers Support Group and member of Patient Participation Group
Gwen Venters - Wincanton Cares

I bring a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to WINCANTON CARES.

I run my own Care at Home agency providing care across the UK.

I am the volunteer leader of the Wincanton Carers Support group. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. I am a member of both the Patient Participation Group at the Wincanton Health Centre and WINCANTON CARES steering group. I am a trained Palliative Care Practitioner supporting people at the bedside at the end of life.

Louise Alderwick

Experienced Micro-provider
Louise Alderwick - Wincanton Cares

My name is Louise Alderwick.  I have worked in Primary care for over 23 years before relocating to Wincanton and becoming a Microprovider.

I am a volunteer for the local community and support other people looking to start up their own MIcroprovider business.

I am extremely passionate about helping the community access help that they need and patient led care which gives the service user a voice.

Jane Langton

Retired Librarian and Support Officer

Jane Langton - Wincanton Cares

I retired from Somerset Libraries in 2011 and started the Wincanton Repair Cafe just before Covid. I run the Wincanton Library Poetry group and a fortnightly reading group where we read to each other.

I am a member of One Planet Wincanton and I try and keep up with an active family.

Jacky King

Leads Volunteering and member of PPG

Jacky King - Wincanton Cares

My background is in education and local authority work.  I learnt a lot about health and adult social care as a result of looking after my partner for several years.

I also learnt a lot about how to support a large team of paid care workers and Microproviders.

I want to use these skills to improve the lives of residents in my town.

John Lavender

Leads on financial and regulation matters

John Lavender - Wincanton Cares

Having completed an accountancy training scheme I held a number of accounting roles in manufacturing companies. I then joined a major UK engineering group as a consultant. Later I became an Independent Consultant specialising in Project Accounting and Control Systems, mainly in Aerospace, Defence and Utilities sectors.

I retired in 2019 to become a carer for my wife.